Montag, 12. März 2007

Chapters 1 and 2

As I have some time on my hands before the first lesson starts, I'll share with you something I forgot to share with you yesterday.
Whilst reading the first two chapters of "Jaywalking with the Irish" I came across the term paddy, which is a racially offensive English term for Irish people. But I also found another term and it is plastic paddy, which describes a person who thinks is Irish, but was born in another place. Most plastic paddies have little or no Irish blood in them and come from the USA or Australia.
The site I found all this information on is It is a useful site if you are looking for slang definitions, but such words certainly shouldn't be part of anyone's active vocabulary.
By the way, the picture above represents a part of a town in the county of Cork, which is the largest of all the Irish counties.

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